Pablo Delgado

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No Man's Land, mai 2014 No Man's Land, mai 2014
  • acrylique sur béton
  • 100 x 120 cm
  • © Olivier Borst
  • Interview Video

  • Born in Mexico City (Mexico) in 1978

    Pablo Delgado discovered street art on a trip to Barcelona in 2007, in all its explosive diversity. But just as urban art was entering a monumental phase with mural paintings on walls and building facades, Delgado made the choice to work in discreet and inventive miniatures…

    His Tom-Thumb-sized figures, deepened with a projected shadow, are drawn, cut out, and then pasted to the bases of walls, where they remain, discreet and humble, revealing themselves only to more curious passers-by. Delgado’s world occupies places without taking them over… Delgado’s world is outraged by consumption and waste… Delgado’s world rejects excess in favour of restraint, delicacy, curiosity, imagination. El universo delgadico abandons the conventional for the dreamlike …

    Pablo takes over these low sections of wall as a storyteller, mixing people, animals, and furniture in a metaphorical, surrealist, ironic manner. It is left to the observant passer-by to be on the lookout, and to enrich the works with their own fantasies…

    He has contributed brilliantly to the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery (London), where he takes the works of eighteenth-century Baroque artists found in the permanent collection of the local museum and interprets them on the street.

    At the foot of the fractured wall,
    the rabbits of no-man’s land are copulating.
    So life continues…
    What say you, Captain?