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Continental Climate C, avril 2014 Continental Climate C, avril 2014
  • acrylique sur béton
  • 100 x 120 cm
  • © Olivier Borst
  • Interview Video

  • Born in Wuhan (China) in 1984

    Convinced from the start that he would become an artist and world traveller, DALeast followed through on his dreams.

    Studied sculpture in fine art institute, he tired quickly of conventional teaching styles and found more exciting creative ground in public art. He left China in 2004, eager for new experiences, and now resides – provisionally – in South Africa; that is, when the gallery, festival, and performance circuit leave him time to get home.

    DALeast’s space effects and his perfect illusions of movement are an aesthetic deflagration of urban art.

    A profusion of metallic sparks as well as black, grey, and white channels created with aerosol paints give relief, lightness, and impressive volume to his figures…

    From people to wild animals, he sees the world as a continuous being, a single entity in search of harmony and freedom.

    A highly prolific artist, his creations range from spectacular murals to paintings on canvas to intimate drawings with pen and paper, both indoors and out; whatever the medium, his talent is universally acknowledged. 

    The Zeppelin exploded!
    The liberated birds have taken flight
    The city has been sown with new seeds…
    We are growers of freedom, and the harvest is ready.